Insurance cannot replace all items that are stolen or destroyed; nor can insurance restore the peace of
    mind that is lost through a break-in.
    As not every home or business is the same, TSM takes pride in the fact that our technicians will provide
    you with a customised quote for your individual Security System.

Do you feel confident that your assets are being protected ....
                                          in the following ways?

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Domestic Security

The installation of an Alarm System is a vital investment in protecting your family, your property and your possessions.
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Commercial Security

Security is an integral part of your premises and as such a most vital investment to deter intruders.
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CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television systems can be visible or concealed; be recorded in colour or black & white – direct to a digital
video recorder (DVR) or computer (which may be viewed remotely).
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Access Control Systems

Allows the movement of authorised personnel to and within your premises, whilst deterring unauthorised personnel.
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POS Cabling

Cabling for your Point of Sale Systems. Cabling of your computer network or phone cabling.
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Monitoring & Patrol

A Monitored Alarm provides a continuous record of conditions at your property, even when you are not there.
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Systems not talking to each other?

Installation companies passing the buck?

Would you like a firm to ease the pain & Troubleshoot for you?

At TSM we love to nut out a solution!

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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Security Systems need regular preventative maintenance to ensure they stay in optimum running order.

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Holiday Security Tips

Things you can do to protect your home before going on holidays.

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