Preventative Maintenance Plans

Just as a garden, or your home, or your car for that matter, requires regular maintenance, so to your Security System benefits from the loving tweak performed by your trusted Security Tradesperson!


What’s in it for you?

You will not have to worry about your Security System, as regular maintenance can determine if there is an issue with:

Detector imageDetectors
not positioned or fitted correctly, not working, wiring coroded, covered in cobwebs &/or dust.
Battery imageBattery low on voltage, meaning that when your power is off the battery will not be able to
power your alarm system – not a good scenario if you are away from the
premises at the time!
Wiring imageWiring chewed by a four legged animal or even wiring ensnarled by a slithery friend!
Maintenance imageControl Panel loose wires.
CCTV imageCameras not focused, pointing to the wrong area.
CCTV imageAccess Control doors not operating correctly, lock system not working.

As part of TSM’s Preventative Maintenance Program we will:

Bullet  Visually check Detectors for movement and general operation.
Bullet  Check Detector mounting.
Bullet  Check the Battery for voltage, if low, replace with new battery, at minimal cost.
Bullet  Inspect and Report on the Control Panel.
Bullet  Check Door and Lock System on the Access Control System.
Bullet  Clean and Refocus Cameras.
Bullet  On completion a written report will be handed to you – just like a Safety Certificate for your