Is your Security System protecting your Assets?

Stop Those Intruders!
Feel Safe, Feel Secure, Feel .. in Control!
Gain Peace of Mind to Enjoy Your Social Time!

Why might you need Security?

   Stop the holiday worry:
       "Has an intruder broken into my home?"
       "Is my jewellery safe?"
   Stop the weekend worry:
       "Are my work tools secure in the factory?"
       "Who is loitering around my work premises?"                 
   Deter intruders from entering your home.
   Capture on camera who is on your property.

Who might help you?

   An off the shelf system that is generally
     designed for the majority,
   A reputable company that has years of
     experience, who invests in their own
     continuing professional development
     and who knows the diversity of
     products available.

Who requires Security?

   Anyone and Everyone who, at the end of the
     day, wants Peace of Mind and Time to Relax
     without worrying about their assets.


   TSM invests in their own Continuing
     Professional Development, to always be
     at the forefront of Product
     Enhancements; which gives our clients
     the choice of product diversity.

    Our vision is: "Personalised Systems, Professional Installations, Secure Premises ... Relaxed Owners!"

    When we personalise the security system to your individual needs, then install the equipment competently and
    professionally, we usually find that we end up with very relaxed owners enjoying their social time.

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