There were over 10,053 reports of Unlawful Entry in South East Queensland for 2007-20081.

Holiday Security Tips

Picture of a Simley House!

   Before going on holidays, you can reduce the risk of Unlawful Entry by taking
   a few extra precautions and by giving your premises a ‘lived in look’.

Bullet  Ask trusted neighbours to keep an eye on your property whilst you are away.
Bullet  Organise for your mail to be collected, or place on hold at Australia Post.
Bullet  Consider attaching a ‘No Advertising Material’ sign to your letterbox.
Bullet  Organise for someone to mow your lawns, if applicable.
Bullet  Sensor Lights, mounted out of reach, can be a great deterrent for would be thieves.
Bullet  Internal lights, radios and televisions can switch on and off via a timer, to give a sense of
     someone at home.
Bullet  Leave a spare key with a friend or trusted neighbour, instead of hiding it on your property.
Bullet  Any items that could be used to gain entry to your premises should be stored out of sight,
     i.e. wheelie bins, ladders, shovels etc.
Bullet  Lock all manholes that are externally accessible.
Bullet  Install an Alarm System, and if possible have it monitored.
Bullet  If you have a Monitored Alarm, remember to inform the Control Room of your holiday dates.
Bullet  Check detectors for spiders etc and reapply surface spray.
Bullet  Determine that your Alarm Battery is charged.
Bullet  Display prominently Alarm Warning Stickers.
Bullet  Security Doors are a great way to protect from forced entry.
Bullet  If possible, trim or clear shrubs and trees which block property visibility from the street, as this will
     not give an intruder privacy to enter your property.
Bullet  Disconnect electric garage doors and engage manual locks.
Bullet  Turn down the telephone ring volume before you leave.
Bullet  All easy-to-carry and expensive items, i.e. laptop computers, jewellery, MP3 players should be
     hidden from external view, i.e. should not be visible through a window.
Bullet  Use a business address when booking into hotels etc.
Bullet  And the most obvious, deadlock all windows and doors, even if on the 3rd storey!

     1 Annual Statistical Review by the Queensland Police.