Why choose TSM?

How can you, with no, or little, knowledge of the security industry, choose a reputable firm to give you advice; and then for you to allow them into the personal space of your home or business?

You must be comfortable with the person you are talking to – if they will not give you a straight answer or talk down to you before the job, imagine what they will be like if problems occur once payment has been made.

♦ TSM has a great rapour with people, from home owners to high executives to Bishops! TSM will give you all the information that you require to make a decision. TSM will give you honest advice, even if it means that no work comes their way. TSM, as a company, prides itself on honesty and integrity.

You must know that the tradesperson coming into your home or business premises has the experience, qualifications and licences to perform the work for which hired. Sometimes firms hire people with just enough knowledge (or no knowledge) to perform the installation/maintenance of alarm and CCTV systems.

♦ TSM is a Licenced Security Firm. All the tradespeople working for TSM are individually licenced as Security Installers. If a particular job requires certain expertise, the tradesperson with that expertise is despatched to that job. Refer to Licences and Company Profile for more information on TSM.

You must be assured that the firm you hire will honour the warranty period.

♦ TSM has a record of not accepting payment for a job until the system is working as quoted. In fact one job had to be revisited a number of times, due to a telco/product issue. TSM worked through the problem for the client, as you would expect, for no extra charge.

If in doubt, ask for references.

♦ TSM is happy to supply potential clients with past and present references. We have a loyal clientele, in fact we still have interstate customers calling us years after an alarm installation requesting work as they cannot find ‘reliable tradespeople’.

    TSM-Total Security Maintenance Pty Ltd is a reputable company with 24 years of experience in the
    Security Industry. TSM provides reliable service with honesty and integrity.

    Call us now on 0419 840 840 to arrange for a free quote or click here to send an enquiry.